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At-Door Pros Garage Doors we provide experienced and qualified experts who can offer same day service for garage door repairs and services. Our responsive customer care team is always here now to take your calls. We have been pompously serving our customers for over 20 years and are committed to providing them with responsive, straightforward service. Our experts are specialized and experienced to take care of all your garage door requirements and are always considerate and cheerful to help. We give service to the Tempe, AZ area, 24 hours/day, and 7 days/week. Whether it’s a small predicament or a critical one, our employees is always standing by to offer you on time worry-free service any time, all the time.

Customer-Centric Services

When you contact us, you will reach one of our responsive customer service representatives who will respond to your questions to the best of their capability without being onsite and will schedule a time for one of our licensed technicians to come out and meet with you. Once our expert meets with you, he will determine what the issue is and then discuss the details with you along with the repair and replacement alternatives you’ll have. We have alternatives to meet every requirement and budget.

We bring an extensive range of parts on our service trucks in order to offer same day service to most customers in Tempe, AZ. We carry all main brand parts for garage door openers such as remote controls, logic boards, security sensors, and wall controls. After the repair or replacement is complete, our experts will walk you through the new setup and show you the indispensable maintenance of it.

Why Choose Us

Main Reasons to Choose Always Door Pros Garage Doors

Door Pros Garage Doors is a family-owned & operated business that has been offering professional garage door solutions to commercial and residential customers for more than 20 years. We provide knowledgeable and licensed technicians who can provide instant service for garage door repairs and services.

  • A qualified, certified technician will be sent to your residence at the time that your request.
  • We always put effort to complete repairs the same day as service and your contentment is guaranteed.
  • We only utilize the best materials from the top manufacturers in the industry.


Emergency Garage Door Repair Services in Tempe, AZ

Garage doors should be checked periodically to identify and determine any developing tribulations that could turn out to be emergencies of garage door repair. Garage doors are the major movable part of most residences, and you don’t want them to be in a condition of poor shape. If you do experience a garage door emergency, make contact with our professionals. At Door Pros Garage Doors offer 24-hour service for both residential and commercial garage doors.

If, conversely, your door is tenaciously staying open, we can deal with that issue as well. Sometimes garage doors start to close but then reverse. The majority of homeowners do not want to leave their residence exposed to probable burglars with access to their residence through the garage. Contact us right away to get your door closing utterly and back in working order.

Cyclic Check Before a Spring Needs Replacing

The duration of a garage door spring is based on the number of cycles it completes – the number of times it helps in the lowering and raising of the door.

If you have kids that leave and come in through the garage door by means of a wifi keypad, you’ve just expended 2 more cycles. That’s a total of 4. Is there a second driver who uses the garage? Now you’re up to six cycles per day. See how simple it is to go through 10,000 cycles?

If you use your garage door:

  • 2 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 14 years. *
  • 4 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 7 years. *
  • 6 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 5 years. *
  • 8 times per day, you can expect your springs to last 3 years. *